Friday, January 21, 2011

More Broings On: A Bronouncement from PB

Hey kids,

So, the day has come. I'm going to have to move to a reduced schedule. *gasp*. It turns out I just can't keep up with posting every day; it doesn't give me as much flexibility as I'd like, and I feel bad if I can't. It's really important that this blog remain something fun for me, and I honestly have a blast writing the summaries that I do. I don't want this blog to become a source of stress for me. So I'm going to aim for MWF postings - and on Monday, I'll try to do a mailbag AND a summary. So I'm shooting for a Mailbag Monday and three summaries a week, instead of four. No cause for panic. In fact, it's pretty much what I've produced anyway. On the off-days, I'll also throw in bonuses like my Heidegger summary as often as possible. Cool story.

In other news, I'm working on expanding Philosotees this weekend, so hopefully there'll be even more sweet Philosophy Bro gear availablein the next few weeks. PLUS: if you come up with a great idea that you let me use, and I turn it into a t-shirt, you'll get one FREE. Eh? Eh? Send ideas to, as usual,

You guys have flooded me with suggestions, and it's fucking awesome. I love it. As you may have noticed, I'm tending toward shorter pieces, breaking longer works into chapters. I do plan to return to finish A Theory of Justice, Meditations on First Philosophy, and anything else I break up. But that way I can give a work its proper due, without cutting out important details or glossing over them. Plus it gives me more to do! Win-win.

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Finally, someone told me that my RSS feed was broken; that should be fixed now. If you didn't subscribe for that reason, try again now - if it still doesn't work, shoot me an e-mail.

So, welcome to all the new readers who've followed in the last few weeks! Thanks for the chance to do what I love, which is write hilarious shit. Keep shooting me e-mails with your suggestions and requests, and anything else you feel like I should know. And be sure to tell your bros!

-Philosophy Bro


  1. Sounds good. Keep up the good work bro.

  2. I've been following via RSS and it seems to have worked correctly thusfar.

    Anyway, M-W-F is just fine with me. Keep it fun and not a chore.

  3. Sounds awesome. I really like the shorter summaries like Allegory of the Cave that deal with a single concept.

  4. This blog is so awesome. Keep reading, keep writing bro.