Monday, October 3, 2011

Bronouncement: Your (Sort Of) Worst Fears Confirmed

Hey kids,

So, I've decided to go on hiatus for a while. It turns out I'm busier than I've ever been with all sorts of things, and I just don't have the time to devote to this blog that I'd like to devote to it, you know? I mean, I've had an outline of Idealism sitting on my desk for, like, two fucking weeks now and no time to get to it. And it's not fair to you guys to leave you hanging. Plus, it's become easier and easier for me to neglect the blog day-to-day, and I think the best way to overcome that is to take some time off and get organized so that I don't have to neglect the blog.

SO. I'm setting myself a hard date to come roaring back to life: Dec. 26th, which also happens to be the first birthday of the blog. MARK YOUR CALENDARS - I'll be back then. In the meantime, I'll leave the site up, because there are a ton of helpful things already written, I think. And I'll be around - you should continue to follow me on twitter, where I'll continue to snark about philosophy, and I'm sure I'll be around Facebook and whatnot. I just don't have the time to output as much as I have. So it's not like I'm leaving forever - just taking some time off.

Thanks again for following. Above all, writing Philosophy Bro for you guys is a privilege, and it's one I have to relinquish for a bit, because I don't have the time to indulge the way I like to. And rather than scrape by a measly few summaries for you over the next couple months, I'd rather get some in the bank, reorganize my backend, and come out swinging in December. So keep sending me interesting questions for the Mailbag, because I need cool things to drown out the waves of intro class essay questions I get week in and week out, and keep sending requests my way. I'm still listening. I'm just not answering - for now.

If you've just found the site recently, in the interim between posting this and my return, welcome! Have a look around! Check out the full list of work I've done. Spread the word! And be sure to check back on Dec. 26th, when I'll definitely have more cool stuff to share with you.

As David Hume once said, sort of, "Be a philosopher. But amidst all your philosophy, be still a bro."