Who is Philosophy Bro?

“Philosophy Bro is a national treasure. His Tumblr is full of astonishingly clear explanations of really complex ideas in philosophy.” -Vox.com



Philosophy Bro is just a bro who likes philosophy. Call me PB. You can also find me on Twitter at @PhiloBro.

When I have the time, I summarize and interpret historically important works of philosophy. My summaries are typically described as “hilarious and surprisingly accurate,” which seems right except I don’t see what the surprise is, I’m really fucking smart. Sometimes it happens intermittently, because I take time make sure I do it right; when I’m busy, they happen much less frequently. I’ve tried an update schedule before but it turns out, I’m just not that bro. Follow the links on the right side of the page to see if I’ve summarized the dudebro/ladybro/specific book you’re looking for.

I also write essays about important or interesting topics, frequently on Mondays in response to queries from the Monday Mailbag. Mondays where I go to the Monday Mailbag are known as Mailbag Mondays. It’s confusing at first but you’ll get the hang of it, or you won’t, I don’t give a shit. Mailbag Monday posts are also sorted by topic on the right. You can also search my site just in case, I don’t know, my tagging isn’t robust enough. I won’t take it personally, philosophy is a sprawling-ass field and you never know what ideas end up relevant where.

Haha, sorry, “sprawling ass-field.” Just a sprawling field of asses.


When I don’t have time to update on the reg in longform, I try to get short updates out whenever I can. Use the contact form to ask a question. The more obviously an essay prompt you’ve given me, the less likely it is to be answered, but I try to pop off answers as often as I can.

If you’re interested in having me give a talk or whatever, you can also reach me at bro@philosophybro.com, which I totally understand is a ridiculous email address to have, but we were already pretty far down that rabbit-hole to begin with.

Anyway. Welcome.