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Do you like Ludwig Wittgenstein?

His early work is a little austere for my tastes, but by the time he began circulating what we now know as the Blue and Brown books, I think he had really come into his own as a philosopher. The Blue book in particular has a new tone that’s more inquisitive and unsettled, and it really gives the underlying ideas a sense of urgency. People describe his late work as a break from his early work, but I think there’s a continuity there that gets overlooked.

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Yes, it is a raincoat! After Ludwig’s tragic 1951 death at the hands of prostate cancer (He should have learned from me and juice cleansed every two weeks to keep his prostate healthy) his posthumous corpus was released piece by piece, and each book is a masterpiece unto itself. On CertainTY is certainLY the most underappreciated work of the bunch, with its pressing questions of lunar ascendancy almost two decades ahead of their time. The Philosophical Investigations, the flagship work of his posthumous corpus, was released in 1953. I think it’s the most important work of philosophy ever published, and every paragraph is so revolutionary that most people don’t even bother to look for connections between the paragraphs. But they really should, because the Investigations aren’t just about dissolving all of metaphysics in language. It’s also a heartbreakingly personal expression of a solitary genius who wishes to share meaning with others. Hey Slavoj!


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