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Marx and Engel's "Manifesto of the Communist Party": A Summary

History is one big class struggle. Ancient Rome was all about keeping the plebes down; Feudalism was just some rich nobles keeping the peasants in line; Guilds divided workers into the cans and the cannots, who was and wasn’t allowed to work; Slavery - well, obviously. It always ends in revolution, except it never ends - the revolutionaries just become the new assholes, and the whole cycle starts over again.

And back in the day, the broppressors at least pretended that they had a good reason for the shenanigans they pulled. Divine mandate, social contract, meritocracy, whatever bro. But now the struggle is between those with capital and those without it, the brourgeois and the broletariat, and the brourgeois don’t even pretend like they have a good reason. “It’s about money, asshole, what’re you going to do about it?” Either you’re in or you’re out, either you have capital and can exploit, or you have nothing and you’re exploited. That’s the fucking way it goes.

And slowly but surely, they’re taking up every single industry. Remember when it was a noble profession, being a doctor or an ironworker or anything else that requires skill? Remember when people took pride in their work? Yeah, that’s gone, and it’s been openly and brazenly replaced with concerns about money and money alone. To the capitalists we are nothing more than potential dollars, and we’re not making any progress. Occasionally a riot breaks out; sometimes a union forms, but nothing is really changing.

And I’m fucking sick of it.

What is it that Communists want? We want the abolition of private property, plain and simple. And all your arguments against it are meaningless in light of the oppression we face. I get it, you worked hard for your property, why should anyone take it from you? Except no one has hard-won property that they earned by their labor any more. It’s been destroyed; they give you a task and they pay you a wage so that you can pay it right the fuck back for the privileges of eating and breathing. That is their idea of ‘hard-won’ property. Is no one else sick of this bullshit? You think it’ll make everyone lazy? HA. As it is, the harder we work the less we have. You know who’s lazy? The fucking bourgeois, that’s who.

Here’s the crazy thing that no one seems to notice: nine-tenths of the population have already had their private property abolished. No one has anything, except the tenth that has everything; we just want to equalize those conditions. The only 'independence’ or 'freedom’ we want to abolish is the independence of the bourgeoisie from accountability or their freedom to disregard us.

You think we want to abolish patriotism? The proletariat has no country that protects them. There’s no 'social contract’ we’re a part of, no reason to have any allegiance. The very first thing we’ll do is return to men a reason to be proud of their fatherland.

And so, we must turn to political revolution, to take back the capital and seize the means of production. It’ll be draconian, sure. It has to be; consider the conditions in which we’ve lived for so long. There is no other way; we cannot do it peacefully, because the peace is how we have been lulled into complacency for so long. Only when we share in the ownership of property, when all are equal with all, and all share in the labor, can there truly be freedom.

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